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Founder of DogWalking by DOGGIE, Dog Coach Juraj Ferko could not have a dog until his 10 years. After moving into a house his dream finally became true. During his studies at the university established a training school for dogs DOGGIE. By now, he is the professional in animal welfare.

Many clients from Dog school wanted to add to the top dog training a daily care while working, traveling or are otherwise busy. "We started to walk dogs during the holidays, but gradually began to contact us by people who are not from among the clients of our school, but they need professional help with the care of their dogs at the time of their absence."

As with the Dog school, as well as DogWalking DOGGIE would be governed by the philosophy of highest quality and not quantity. We walk dogs individualy, not in large groups as it is usual in other companies. All our Dogwalkers are trained to handle dogs in unusual situations, basic dog obedience and known how to provide first aid in case of injury. If necessary, we have a vet on the phone nonstop from top vet clinics Bullypet.

Usually we walk dogs nearby their residence, but in the case of interest we transport your dog to the dog park Petrzalka, which has nearly one hectare enclosure equipped with barriers, training ground or a playground for dogs. Keeping clean environment, use motivation in communication and returning clean and happy dog ​​is an absolute certainty.

We offer you also other services instead of walking dogs

Vet visit

We arrange transportation, testing, vaccination. Arranging exact date and time, so that your dog is not under stress of waiting in the waiting room. With the exception of surgical interventions we will accompany your dog during all the time in the veterinary clinic. Our partner is Veterinary Clinic Bullypet.

Dog grooming

The entire grooming, bathing, and even for professional groom design exhibition will provide the dog salon Vanda.


Taxi services for your dog anytime anywhere.

Dog training

Training of dog obedience, or problem solving is provided by Dog school DOGGIE

Dog food delivery

Through our partner CanisAlpha will ensure regular delivery of cold pressed dry dog food Canis Alpha, as well as brands Acana, Orijen, EUROPREMIUM, Fides at prices as on the Internet.

Other services based on your needs

As far as we can, we provide for you other services you need.

Lenght of walk Regularity Price (€) Note
20 minutes few times 20,00 Contract for less than one month
20 minutes 1-3 times weekly MO - FR 15,00 Minimal one month contract
20 minutes 4-5 times weekly MO - FR 14,00 Minimal one month contract
20 minutes 4-5 times weekly MO - FR 13,00 Minimal half year contract
20 minutes Weekends SA - SU 16,00 Minimal one month contract
40 minutes few times 30,00 Contract for less than one month
40 minutes 1-3 times weekly MO - FR 24,00 Minimal one month contract
40 minutes 4-5 times weekly MO - FR 22,00 Minimal one month contract
40 minutes 4-5 times weekly MO - FR 20,00 Minimal half year contract
40 minutes Weekends SA - SU 27,00 Minimal one month contract
Travel costs Bratislava and close places 0,00 in Eur/km
Travel costs other 0,25 in Eur/km


Our best recommendation are satisfied four legged friends. Due to confidentiality, which is a matter of course, we will not be more specific about our clients. Satisfied with our services are in diplomatic circles, embassies, and families across Bratislava.

Our friends

Great Dane, our darling ... Gia is stubborn as it should be, can pull on the leash, but nevertheless regularly experiencing beautiful walks.

Weimarer Mia is a TANK... So much power in one dog is very hard to find.

German sheppard, we are caring for more than five years during the frequent absence of the owner.

Despite the large name is a little female whose home country is the United States. We are taking everyday care alredy for months.

Bosco is a beautiful golden retriever from the US who need our services twice a day. Every week we take him to the dog park in Petrzalka.

And many others...